Who we are

True Subtitles is an Argentina-based company with 16 years of experience in the audiovisual market, with a team of over 60 translation and subtitling professionals. Its founder, Mara Campbell, worked in many leading local and international companies until she decided to put together her own team to better cater to audiovisual companies’ needs. A few years later, Analía Pastorino joined her and helmed the much needed commercial side of things.

What we do

Our elevator pitch: We provide high quality Latin American (Neutral) Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, and English subtitling, closed captioning, and translations.

The long answer: We offer an array of post-production language services:

We can handle your occasional super short video, several seasons of a telenovela, and everything in between: weekly sermons, movies, mini-series, children’s shows, documentaries, historical shows, animé, stand-up comedy specials, instructional videos, infomercials, musical videos, training courses, corporate videos for websites or presentations, you name it. Flexibility is our middle name.









Training and courses


Much more

Much more

How we do it

We are very proud of the quality of the work we provide. We are versed in international timing conventions (yes, we match shot changes!), and we are very strict with language standards. This is crucial because audiovisual translation has a very determining quality: it’s ephemeral.

What we have done

Our work has been featured in channels and networks around the world such as Fox, most Discovery channels, HBO, Cinecanal, MovieCity, CineMax, and many more.

You can currently see our work on many shows and movies streaming on Netflix Latin America:


• Call the Midwife
• Doctor Who
• Top Gear
• Brooklyn Nine-Nine
• Jessie
• Escalera al cielo (Cheongookeui gyedan)
• From Dusk Till Dawn (Netflix original series)
• Chelsea Peretti: One of the greats
• Smash
• Starblazers
• El señor de los cielos
• El clon
• Sin senos no hay paraíso
• Flor salvaje
• La casa de al lado
• Violetta
• Señora de acero
• Carita de ángel
• Las muñecas (de la mafia)
• De que te quiero
• Fugitivos
• El cartel
• La usurpadora
• Vecinos
• Camelia, la texana
• Cuidado con el ángel
• La rosa de Guadalupe
• Las Juanas
• Teresa
• La prepago
• Plim Plim, un héroe del corazón
• El cartel de los sapos
• Las Aparicio
• Corazón en condominio
• Las Juanas
• Caso cerrado
• Mirada de mujer
• La patrona
• Allá te espero
• Chica vampiro
• La hija del jardinero


• Trainwreck
• National Lampoon’s Van Wilder
• Precious: Based On The Novel Push
• Dave Chapelle’s Block Party
• Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind
• Fifty Shades Of Grey
• K2: Siren Of The Himalayas
• ParaNorman
• Phone Booth
• Taken
• Ted 2
• That Awkward Moment
• The 40-Year-Old Virgin
• The Bourne Supremacy
• The Bourne Legacy
• Walk Of Shame
• About Time
• American Pie
• Battlestar Galactica: Blood And Chrome
• A Turtle’s Tale: Sammy’s Adventure
• Instructions Not Included
• Jem And The Holograms
• The Pianist
• Jetsons: The Movie
• Love, Marilyn
• Pitch Perfect
• Red Dragon
• Monster High: 13 Wishes
• Nutty Professor
• Pitch Black
• Working Girl
• Suffragettes
• The Murder Of Princess Diana
• Wish I Was Here
• The Three Musketeers
• The Tree Of Life
• Five Dollars A Day
• Unbroken
• Biutiful
• City Of God
• Como Agua Para Chocolate
• El Aura
• El Bonaerense
• Esperando La Carroza
• Un Cuento Chino
• Nueve Reinas


Why we do it

Because we love it. We are blessed with the best job ever: watching movies all day long. And because we really think that subtitles and captions can help bring people together, open minds and hearts, bridge gaps, shorten distances, and build connections. It’s awesome to know we are helping the world be more globalized, inclusive, massive! And because we are great at what we do, and that makes us super proud!

Demo clips

This section of our website is not ready yet. Since we have signed confidentiality agreements with most of our customers (and we honor them strictly), and most of the post-production companies we work for do not own rights over the audiovisual material, we cannot showcase clips of real work we have done for them. So we are in the process of gathering awesome short films from filmmakers around the world who will kindly lend us their productions so that we can post them here for everybody to see how good we are at what we do and how awesome the moviemakers of the future are. But it is a long process. In the meantime, we encourage you to get in touch with us and request we pinpoint you to some streaming services that include our subtitles and captions.

Why our rates are competitive

Several reasons, and none is that we are not great at what we do:

Most of our editors are freelancers and work from their homes, so we have very low overhead costs

We are based in Argentina and our Peso-Dollar/Euro exchange rate is quite favorable for us

We are good friends with technology, so we can manage our business from the comfort of our computers

True Subtitles

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