Translation of subtitles on a ready-timed template

Even though we can produce original subtitles, sometimes our clients already have a timed file. It can be of a transcription of the dialogs in the language of the video, or in a language other than the one of the audio (e. g., the movie is spoken in Turkish and we get a file with the dialogs already timed and translated into English.) So, as long as we can access a timed file in English, Spanish, or Portuguese, we can translate the texts into any of the other languages we work in.

We will not change the timings of the subtitles, but only work on the translation. This way, we can offer you a lower rate because half the work is already done. (And if we discover while working with your file that the timings are off, we will let you know and we can discuss a reformat.)

Why trust True Subtitles to translate your ready-timed template?
Because we are experts in audiovisual translation. It is not easy to include all the language nuances into a translation in the space and time allocated to a subtitle. But we know how to do it!