To transcribe is to convert to text the spoken word in a video or audio file. You give us the video or audio file, and we will give you a Word document (or whatever format you want) with everything written out. We have experience in legal depositions, police interrogations, medical interviews, focus groups and other marketing activities, infomercials, book and article dictations, etc. We can even transcribe Spanglish and Portuñol! Let us know if you want your transcriptions in subtitle or caption formatting, for you to time the text on your end.

Once the transcription is ready, we can translate it into any of the other languages we work in.

Why trust True Subtitles to transcribe your files?
Because we are very particular with punctuation, grammar, and language use. We are absolute language nerds with a terrible case of the OCDs. Basically, we are the annoying Grammar Police. Oh, and we have a great ear, too. We can transcribe most language variants, even Spanglish and Portuñol!