More times than you would expect, our clients have an old subtitles or captions file and a new or edited video (added or deleted scenes for different versions, profanity edited, different commercial break duration or placement, added or deleted production company logos, etc.)

What we do is take both and conform the subtitles or captions to the new video, adding, deleting, or changing anything that is needed. Sometimes it entails re-timing all the file or portions of it (you might have heard of recuts or offsets; if you haven’t, no worries, that’s why you will hire us, because we know what it is and how to do it). Sometimes it means re-transcribing the audio. And it often includes adding whole scenes, like in director’s cuts or extended versions.

Why trust True Subtitles with your reformats?
If we know how to do the work from scratch, we definitely know how to adapt a previous version. And we have an excellent subtitling/captioning software that makes the task very enjoyable and fast!