QCs, QAs, and editing

If we know how to do it, trust us: we know how to tell if others did it right, too. We can perform quality control, quality assurance, and editing of translations, subtitles, captions, SDH, you name it. We can check the language aspects, the translation quality, the writing, the grammar and punctuation, and even the timing and technical style of subtitles and captions. And, of course, we can implement any changes you want us to.

Why trust True Subtitles with your QCs, QAs, and editing?
Because we are very particular with punctuation, grammar, and language use. We are absolute language nerds with a terrible case of the OCDs. Basically, we are the annoying Grammar Police. And we are the kings of subtitling and captioning: we know the techniques inside out, and we have great technology to aid us and improve any work.