Subtitling in different languages

  • These involve the translation of the audio into another language, as well as the correct formatting, timing and positioning, and taking into consideration the readability of the text in the time allotted to the subtitle.
  • Their purpose is to engage foreign audiences to the original production, allowing the audiovisual material to be understood by audiences who do not speak the original language.

Why trust True Subtitles to produce your subtitles in English, Latin American Spanish, or Brazilian Portuguese?

Because we have the necessary skilled specialists who have both high linguistic expertise and specific technical abilities, are very well versed in translating a wide array of topics and genres, and are experts when it comes to expressing the nuances of the spoken dialog in the target language. Argentina is well regarded for its public, free universities, which produce highly qualified translators, capable of producing excellent translations in Spanish as well as in English. Unlike universities in other countries, Argentine curricula include a high workload of back translation.