Creation of timed templates for translation

Creating a template is not the same as same-language subtitles, it is a task on its own. Because its purpose is to serve as a “blueprint” for the person who will later translate those dialogs, it also entails deciding which graphic information from the film needs to be included for the foreign language audiences to fully understand the plot. So, if you have a video spoken in Spanish, English, or Portuguese and you need it translated into a language other than those, do not hesitate to request we prepare the template, and you can then have it translated by the professional of your choice.

Why trust True Subtitles to create your timed template?
Because we are very careful not to leave out any information that is essential to the video: we understand how a template works and what it’s for. When True Subtitles creates a template for translation, we also deliver a file which lists the subtitles that need to be moved to the top of the screen and information on text in italics, if needed.