Creation of videos with burnt-in subtitles

If you need a video with the subtitles burnt-in (embedded), we can definitely create that. Whether we originate the subtitles in English, Spanish, and/or Portuguese or we just handle the burn-in of subtitles in any other language you give us, you will end up with a quality video subtitled in the language you want. These videos are particularly useful to show in conferences, expositions, exhibits, stands, in the lobby of your offices, or better yet, to post in YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter and any other social media and increase your visibility, searchability and SEO.

Why trust True Subtitles with the creation of your videos with burnt-in subtitles?
Who better to do it than a company specialized in subtitles?! And if we originated such subtitles, even more reason! We can quickly make changes, we will keep you in the loop of any decisions, you will be able to do a final viewing of the material before the burn-in and we will be able to implement any changes or variations you want with great agility. We will also provide you with the subtitle file in any format you want!