Christian translations and subtitles

The translation of religious topics is a world in its own. In Christian texts, it is very important to have a good knowledge of the specific terminology found within different denominations, because a simple mistake can change a whole doctrine!

We can translate texts, books, videos, sermons, and also subtitle and/or caption them (well, not texts, because a subtitle in a written text is a very different thing; sorry, we could not resist the linguistic pun.)

We have worked on material from several ministries, such as In Touch Ministries, Lion & Lamb Ministries, North Point Community Church, Christian Harvest International and Strategic Prayer Action Network (SPAN), Bill Johnson Ministries, Joan Hunter Ministries, Graham Cooke & the Brilliant Community, including weekly sermons, training video series, articles, and books.

Why trust True Subtitles with your Christian translations?
Because we have gone through a very long and painstaking search of the best Christian translators and we have trained them extensively. And we mean Christian in their specialization and in their personal belief, because the best Christian translators must necessarily be of the Christian faith and no political correctness can make that less true.