Mara Campbell

COO and Founder

Mara Campbell was born into an English-speaking family in Buenos Aires and was educated in the best bilingual schools. She attended college, earning an Advertising degree in 1996.

She worked in a purple courier company, in theatrical film distribution, and in consumer products licensing for Bugs and friends, before landing a job at one of the biggest dubbing studios in Buenos Aires, where she translated and adapted scripts for dubbing, subtitled, QCed other people’s work, and trained a whole team of closed captioners.

In 2004, a Burbank-based big post production company set up a branch in Buenos Aires, and she was selected to be team leader of the graveyard shift. They trained her extensively in subtitling, closed captioning, and SDH, as well as in English proofreading, making her honorary Captain of the Grammar Police and lover of the Oxford comma.

A year and a half later, she founded True Subtitles, because she wanted to be the master of her own destiny. She is currently in charge of recruitment and training, creation of style guides, and daily operations, is the technical “understander” of things, and oversees project management.

She is an international speaker in subjects related to Neutral Spanish, audiovisual translation, operation of subtitling/captioning software, and teaches special courses on these topics because she believes in leaving a mark in this world. She is in the process of writing a book on Latin American Neutral Spanish, and subtitling and captioning style guides.

Mara has been married to the same guy for almost a decade, and has one daughter and two cats with him. She enjoys sewing, quilting, crocheting, but, mostly, binge-watching TV shows and movies. She manages to make time in her busy schedule to have impeccable and colorful manicures all the time.

Analía Pastorino


Analía Pastorino was born in Buenos Aires. After completing her high school education, she earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree and a Master’s in Capital Markets in 2006 (UCEMA), and completed post-graduate studies of Bank Management in 2007 (UTDT.)

In a previous life, she worked for almost 18 years in one of Argentina’s most important banks, staring in the Marketing department and making her way (literally) up to the Capital Markets department on the 23rd floor, advising companies on very-boring-and-hard-to-understand-for-regular-people-like-the-rest-of-us things. Despite her love for finance, she was able to balance it with a strong passion for movies, literature, and good stories.

Her entrepreneurial hunger led her to merge all of this together and, in 2008, she partnered with Mara Campbell with the revolutionary idea of transforming the work of a single freelancer who occasionally outsourced big projects into a proper company.

She is currently the CFO of the company and, having managed to escape the corporate life unscathed, she enjoys all of her passions: investing, movies, tennis, books, her cats and her family, and the mid-day sun if she has some free time.